Oct 20, 2010

Youth and Women in Tanzania are in danger over HIV

Tanzania commission for aids says HIV/AIDS IN TANZANIA From observations they done it shows that two groups emerge as the most affected. These are the youth and the women. and they have explain Several reasons.

Early marriage and early initiation of sex among women, young girls having sex with older men, peer pressure for high-risk behaviour, biological and anatomical predisposition are some of the most important reasons.

In addition, failure of women to protect themselves from HIV infections due to economic hardships, repressive customary laws, beliefs and polygamy could all contribute to this state of affairs.A third group mostly affected is the poor. This group is most likely illiterate and unemployed, as a result; it might use sex as a means of earning a living. Again, women are more likely to get involved than men, for lack of alternative means of survival.A fourth group of those mostly affected is the so-called “mobile populations” which consists of those who work and stay away from home for varied lengths of time during a year.

These include commercial sex workers (CSW), petty traders, migrant workers, military personnel and long distance truck drivers. Their inability to negotiate for safer sex with their clients puts them at a high risk.

Another group of workers in risky occupations is that of health workers who may inadvertently handle infected material in the course of their work. These often lack the necessary protective gear and education to prevent them from coming into contact with infected materials

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